A bride usually wears a conventional gown instead of too sexy wedding dresses which reveal too much skin in western culture. Too much exposure would make guests uncomfortable and they will have no idea where to land their eyesight. Therefore, it is important to know how to show up sexy aura at the right level […]

I enter the words “white wedding dresses” into Google search engine, then come out the ranks of online stores selling wedding dresses, that attracts me to learn more about those beautiful clothes. There are so many different styles, when I think I love this long trailing dress without sleeves, but those small trailing dresses with […]

Navy bridesmaid dresses can perfectly go with other colors and complete the wedding motif. You can mix any other colors with navy blue. For example, for a young lady, match the dress with bright colors such as yellow or red and you will see the amazing color blocking effect. Personally, I really love this style. […]

First of all, you should avoid choosing wedding dresses for mother of the bride with a white color, which is a common practice for almost everybody except the bride. As a mother of the bride, you will look very tacky if you wear a white dress. Instead, you are suggested to wear a dress whose […]